Xavi doesn’t think he’ll rest until he improves…

It hasn’t been easy at all for Xavi Hernández, who has experienced first-hand FC Barcelona’s lowest hours since taking over the reins of the team crying for only a few months. And as they do from dispatches, the egarense will cover leaks, put out fires, all day. Day. So the technician had no doubts arguing the reverse course in the decision to use Ousmane Dembélé after the end of the market.

Now it’s a different situation“, defended Xavi, that if he has to apologize to Ousmane, does so without objections in a clear and intelligible way, which developed in several questions from the central topic of the previous press conference at Barça-Athletic de Madrid from this Sunday by the 23rd day of La Liga. And it is that the change of decision with regard to the French striker surprised everyone.

Nor was it the only explanation Terrasa had to give. The pleas reminded him of some statements he made in the past about Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, who didn’t see himself suited to the style of play in the Barcelona image. “I did not say that it was not useful to Barça. I said he didn’t have the asociativo game. Aubameyang can give us depth and purpose. He is experienced and can bring us a presence in the region. It is necessary to explode the virtues of the player”, replied.

Xavi has herringbone

If there is an indisputable figure at FC Barcelona, ​​it is that of Xavi Hernández. His chevrons as a historic player, mythical in Spanish football, give him the necessary cost to take the reins of a sporting project as deep as that of the Barcelona club. These same guarantees give him the authority to look Diego Simeone in the eye, a technician more experienced than his and with an already large list of winners on the bench.

The egarense technician praised his counterpart of Athletic de Madrid from the beginning of his appearance. This yes, answered the Cholo with firmness in the idea of ​​play of Barça but respecting that it is regulatory and gives result what the Argentinian proposes in his Athletic de Madrid. In this way, that of Terrasa leaves the table served for the partidazo of this Sunday.

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