Vote. It’s not that hard.

By Thresher Editorial Board 02/15/22 11:19 PM

After last year’s student union election saw less than a quarter of students vote, we wrote a editorial calling on students to become more involved in the SA and its elections. As we approach another election – voting opens next Wednesday – we feel it necessary to reiterate our call. For anyone who has tried to raise student awareness of an issue, voiced a grievance against the administration, or tried to influence change on campus, now is the time to vote for who you want to represent the student body and fight. for issues that matter to you.

There is a widespread misconception, somewhat excusable, that SA business concerns only a small number of students. With this perception, people feel they have nothing at stake in the election and therefore do not bother to vote. But this year, the SA has been in the spotlight on a variety of issues, such as the debate on move the Founder’s Memorial and the disabling the EarthCam. In both of these controversies, the administrators cited SA’s concerns and suggestions as a guide for their actions.

It is clear now more than ever that the SA plays a direct role in student life on this campus. So what should you do? Vote. Luckily, the voting process couldn’t really be easier. The SA conducts its elections contrary to everything the new Texas Election Law stalls. Every student is automatically registered, the ballot is emailed directly to every voter, and voting takes place online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for eight days.

That being said, voting just to vote is not enough. You can and should research candidates to make an informed decision in a number of ways. Visit candidate websites and learn about their platforms. Read our election coverage this week and our candidate mentions next week. Catch the SA presidential debate on Monday night. And if all else fails, approach candidates personally and ask them their stance on an issue that matters to you. Use your vote to shape the organization that can bring the issues you care about most to the forefront of discussions on campus.

Editor’s Note: Thresher editorials are written collectively by members of the Thresher Editorial Board. Current members include Savannah Kuchar, Ben Baker-Katz, Nayeli Shad, Talha Arif, Morgan Gage, Daniel Schrager, and Brandon Chen.

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