Valley News – Forum, October 29: Find the best way to refute anti-Semitic hatred and promote solidarity


Published: 10/28/2021 22:00:02

Modified: 10/28/2021 22:00:11

Find the best way to refute anti-Semitic hatred and promote solidarity

We applaud New Hampshire State Representatives Lee Oxenham and Brian Sullivan, and State Senator Suzanne Prentiss, for their call to commit to refuting and confronting religious hatred, as it has become. new product in the Haute Vallée (“A Call to Action Against Hate, 23 October). The recent degradation with Nazi symbolism of a monument in the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park is another sad reminder that anti-Semitic hatred and attempted intimidation are alive and well in the Haute Vallée. Jewish history and experience tell us that such acts are the proverbial “canary in the coal mine”. If not faced here and now, such dangerous actions can easily become normalized and create an atmosphere where it is safer to start campaigns of hate and intimidation against other minorities, however defined.

We wish all the success of the law enforcement agencies investigating this incident. Hopefully, someone who knows something will come forward with the information needed to bring the perpetrators to justice. We know that the Hanover Police Department is continuing its work to identify those who desecrated the Hanukkah Menorah almost a year ago. We support and appreciate these efforts. We remain concerned about the seemingly lukewarm reaction of the leaders of the New Hampshire Legislature to the blatantly anti-Semitic comments by two representatives almost a year ago.

We only have one suggestion for the right words and vigorous defense against hate promoted by Representatives Oxenham and Sullivan and Senator Prentiss: we know that the suggestion to place yellow Stars of David on the masks (perhaps other clothing as well) was made in the spirit of refuting anti-Semitic hatred. We also know that there is a school of thought that encourages the use of hate images and words as symbols of resistance to such hatred. Unfortunately, people wearing yellow Star of David are too reminiscent of German photos and films from the late 1930s and early 1940s. Instead of promoting the wearing of the yellow Star of David, we suggest chatting with leaders of the Jewish community and others how to find the best ways to promote solidarity with the Jewish community.











The authors are respectively the rabbi of the Jewish community of the Upper Valley and the members of the board of directors. This letter was also signed by eight other members of the board of directors.

Raising the inflation rate is absurd

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Karl W. Smith believes that higher inflation from the 2-4% rate of the past decade would result in “a modest and sustained increase in prices and wages (and) create a larger US economy. stable ”(“ America Needs, Longer Inflation, ”October 12).

Wow ! Let’s take a look at the economy of a 67-year-old middle-class retiree who lives 15 years older. With disposable income of $ 60,000, general annual inflation of 2% per year would translate into disposable income of $ 45,000 in the 15th year. This 2% inflation rate would have devalued disposable income by 25%. An annual inflation rate of 4% would leave retirees purchasing power of $ 34,000 after 15 years, a loss of nearly 50%. The first scenario is bad; the second is horrible.

In my opinion, inflation only benefits busy people (those with W-2s) and those who have accumulated large real estate properties. Middle class retirees, who have neither, would survive at the whim of those who are currently determined to wipe them out.

Giving the Federal Reserve more “flexibility” by raising inflation so that the Fed can later reduce inflation is an absurdity that only a bureaucrat could like.



Wearing a mask helps, and we need help

I recently stopped in West Lebanon on my way back to Vermont. All the stores there required masks and the compliance was 100%. I will do all my shopping there.

I know the masks aren’t 100% effective, but they help, even a little, and we need help. Even if it just shows support and care for the people at the post office, the clerk behind the counter and, most importantly, the healthcare workers.

This surge has lasted far too long in Vermont. Please call or write Governor Phil Scott.



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