TB attorney disbarred over allegations against judge made false claims about other attorneys, documents show

Nickola Cunha, the former Hamden lawyer who was disbarred for anti-Semitic remarks made against a judge faces disciplinary action for allegations she made against three other lawyers, according to court documents.

In one case, Cunha falsely accused a lawyer who is an ad litem court-appointed guardian of being a mandated journalist for child abuse, according to court documents.

In another case, Cunha alleged that two attorneys violated state racketeering laws by conspiring to send psychological evaluations in family court cases to a specific doctor, according to attorney Leanne Larson. Office of the Chief State Disciplinary Board.

Cunha also reportedly requested that grievance proceedings be continued regarding the allegations on the basis that she had another court date scheduled that day, Larson said. But Cunha had already had the adversarial hearing date moved before asking for the extension, Larson said.

All three allegations are breaches of the attorneys’ code of conduct, Larson argued in a lawsuit filed May 4 after Cunha was disbarred. Larson wants a court to file “an appropriate disciplinary order” that includes billing Cunha for costs and expenses related to the action. The complaint will be heard in New Haven Superior Court on August 16. The state grievance board determined in March that Cunha committed the violations.

Cunha is already facing potential discipline after a series of missteps that culminated in a weekend at York Correctional Institution in early June. She is now trying to raise money to get a mental health assessment requested by her lawyer Norm Pattis to determine if she has a problem that would prevent her from following court orders.

But so far, she is still trying to raise funds, according to a status report filed by Pattis on July 6. No court date has been set to deal with the mental health issue or his disbarment.

Middletown Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher struck off Cunha, 54, of Wallingford, earlier this year after filing a motion asking for a family court judge to be removed from a divorce case in course because he “showed a bias in favor of Jewish litigants and people with disabilities”. court documents said.

Cunha then repeatedly failed to take the steps required by Moukawsher to settle its affairs with several clients, officials said. Cunha’s reluctance to provide information about her clients to an appointed administrator resulted in her being taken into custody and spending a weekend held by the State Corrections Department.

Chief state disciplinary counsel Brian Staines submitted documents June 1 alleging that Cunha improperly withheld $78,000 from an accident settlement for a client after he had already withheld his $96,000 fee. $ for handling the case.

Staines also said in the papers that Cuhna initially told the judge that she took $30,000 from the client’s accident settlement to pay for previous pro bono work, but “did not elaborate throughout.” hearing that the actual amount she had taken was $78,000″.

“She had no authority from the client to take that money,” Staines wrote in the filing.

In later court documents, Staines said it appears Cunha used $41,000 of the $78,000 to pay a second client. Staines received permission from Moukawsher on July 13 to give the first client $101,000 of the $291,000 accident settlement she won.

Cunha was disbarred in January after Moukawsher ruled she made ’empty and malicious claims’, alleging another judge was engaged in a Judaism-based conspiracy and protected child sexual abuse in as part of her depiction of a Glastonbury woman engaged in a marriage dissolution case. .

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