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It’s already June and almost summer! Time seems to have sped up this year! This is what happens when an age is an air sign, which Aquarius is. Aquarius is the air element.

In the sky, the Sun is in Gemini, Venus is at home in Taurus, and Mercury’s retrograde stations (also in Taurus) are direct on Friday (26 Taurus). On Saturday, Saturn begins its five-month retrograde (25.15 Aquarius) until fall, October 18. Direct Mercury and Retrograde Saturn. We communicate more freely while valuing the rule of law and the law of economics (both being diminished by the forces of materialism). It is important to note that only humanity itself can restore the rule of law and the proper use of resources. There are currently very few true leaders of moral character. Humanity must therefore assume leadership in the restoration of morals, ethics and truth. Regarding the rule of law – laws govern all aspects of heaven and earth, laws keep creation intact and in harmony,

Saturday evening, the Shavuot party begins. It is the festival commemorating the giving of the Great Laws of Aries (Torah), the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai when the Hebrew people walked from Taurus (Egypt, slavery) to Aries (freedom under the rule of law). The giving (revelation) of the Ten Commandments is one of the most famous, fundamental, important and significant events in the recorded history of mankind.

Shavuot, a two-day celebration, means weeks (seven), the anticipated countdown of seven weeks from Passover to Shavuot. On Passover, the Hebrew people were freed from slavery (desire, Age of Taurus in Egypt). On Shavuot, the people received the Torah (ten commandments, laws governing the Age of Aries) and became a nation committed to serving, no longer their desires or the Pharaoh, but to serve God.

Shavuot is also the Feast of First Fruits (ancient wheat harvest in Israel), celebrated by lighting candles, staying up all night to learn Torah, reading the Ten Commandments in synagogue, feasting on dairy products – milk, cheese, etc. The Torah is compared to milk by King Solomon, who wrote, “Like honey and milk (Israel, land of milk and honey, Exodus 3:8), it lies under your tongue” (Song of Songs). Houses are filled with greenery during this festival. In the exegesis of the Jewish Bible, “Mount Sinai suddenly bloomed with flowers, anticipating the gift of the Torah at its summit”.

RAM: The month ahead sees you as a hard worker, working towards and within the framework of your values. If you don’t really know your values, then observe yourself – actions, focus, communication. Note that you are faster than usual, as Mars has entered your sign. Be very careful what you like. Write down what you enjoy every day. Write down your desires, your ambition, your expectations, your impatience or your impulsiveness. Your senses are more alive. You may need to eat more. You are veiled from the rays of Taurus.

BULLAs Aries takes on your qualities, you take on the dynamic qualities of Aries and the meditative qualities of Pisces. You still have the Vulcan ability to make gold from iron (the personality). You have so many abilities, you can share some of them, right? Notice that you are more energetic, active, energetic and even, at times, aggressive (shocking!). For a moment or two, you may be overconfident. You are rarely like this. You oscillate between action and reflection, work and rest, self-observation and observation of the world. You are the alchemist.

GEMINI: It’s your birthday month and you’re more of a Pisces. Meaning? More sensitive, more reluctant to push the river, a feeling that confidence has taken another path. You work more in secret, you can be blamed for things you didn’t do, there are stronger instincts and intuition that the past somehow merges with the present and everything becomes more private. Dreams (day & night) appear, imagination becomes creative. Music (more), please.

CANCER: It is very important to think about cooperation and the impact you have on a group. With all your thoughts and ideas emerging, you might be inclined to speak louder about others, trying to dominate everyone and everything. Maybe not outwardly, but inwardly and in your thinking. it is best to think and work cooperatively, with a team effort towards the goal of goodwill. It is also important to focus on preparing daily agendas, schedules, plans and goals. They become your context and your protection.

LEO: You are the leader, the one everyone looks up to, hopes to be, learns from, imitates, wants to be like. (Be grateful.) Your accomplishments are recognized. That pleases you. I’ve written before that for a Leo to grow, others must see, recognize, and praise their efforts, gifts, and abilities. Praise is (mostly) how Leos can identify more fully as creative, saying, “I AM because I create (and you see it).” All of this is happening. You may also have thoughts of travel. Follow this idea. It is an indication of things to come.

VIRGIN: Audacity invades you, a thirst for expansion, travel, adventure, a concern that does not accept no for an answer. Your mind and heart also need expansion and new experiences. All the energy you feel will propel you into travels, new studies, new interests, new books and new people, and clear thoughts and opinions. This can lead to dialogues and discussions. Allow yourself to shine and share what you know. You know so much!

BALANCE: Keep these words in your mind and heart throughout the year…to love more. Be careful not to project suppressed anger (from long ago to now) onto others, especially those who are dear to you. You may not know that. The issues are common money and resources, conflicts and crises over different values. You can no longer keep hidden what you turn away from. It is both subtle and overt. Pay attention to the consequences. Start by knowing your real needs. So love them (and others) more. Life moves easily from there.

SCORPIO: Everything can become difficult, especially interactions with colleagues, partners or intimates. If you are experiencing conflict, it reflects the need for more awareness, more growth, and harmony. This is why conflicts arise. The conflict contains information. If you struggle long enough, a new level of harmony emerges. Be as dynamic, honest and cooperative as possible. Everything will be conflictual, then it resolves, then there is rapprochement, then there is harmony, then there is love. Help someone while waiting.

SAGITTARIUS: New (more) interesting energy is available, affecting daily routines, work schedules, workloads. When you’re not working, focus on health – exercise, diet, walking, running, yoga, etc. You must have a daily regimen of physical activity or frustration, restlessness, mental and emotional distortions will result. It can be difficult to work with others. Harmony enters and leaves your world of work. Be aware of this. Don’t dispute anything. Recite silent Ohms. Laughter is the best form of meditation.

CAPRICORN: Questions. Do you have a lot of energy with an equal need for contemplation and rest? Are you starting a new level of creative creativity? Take care of your loved ones, especially your partner (first). Have no expectation of results at first. Later, you will experience more play, enjoyment, fun and sleep. It looks like you need new things for the house. Something new and beautiful. What is that? Is your home comfortable? Or does he need more comfort? You also need comfort.

AQUARIUS: Note how you feel more instinctive, protective and need deep security. Are events happening regarding family, home, housekeeping, repairs? Are you thinking of family matters? How far are you? Mood swings, restlessness may occur, so you build a shell over your daily life. If past issues arise, talk with someone who loves you and listens to you deeply. You always ask, “Where is my house? You come from the future. It means that your house is different from that of others.

PISCES: Work slowly on the goals and believe in their results. Create more efficiency in daily life. Consider professional needs. It’s almost time to share with everyone your ideas, plans, projections, wants and needs. Communications can be somewhat difficult. Let it happen, take a step back, observe impatience and/or impulsiveness. It’s Mars at work, getting things done. Treat hands and feet with care. Sew and draw, garden and paint. Use your mind to make beauty and order. Neptune continues its journey through Pisces.

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