SOKAPU celebrates Mailafia, the legacy of Shakarau


The South Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) hailed the inspiring legacy left by the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr Obadiah Mailafia, and the chairman of the Abuja branch from the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Barr Hauwa Evelyn Shekaraou.

Union leaders who paid sympathy visits to console the two families at their homes in Abuja, SOKAPU President Jonathan Asake lamented that their deaths were a difficult time for southern Kaduna, the state. of Kaduna and the country as a whole.

Offering his condolences to the widow of Dr Mailafia, the President of SOKAPU said: “Your husband was a voice for the voiceless and cared to bring justice and fairness to all across ethnic and religious divisions. “

The SOKAPU president added that the late Dr Mailafia dreamed of a nation where all would flourish and be treated with justice, stressing that he was worried about the insecurity ravaging the country and refused to be silent in the face of intimidation.

SOKAPU recalled the invitations sent to the late Dr. Mailafia by the country’s secret police and how he vowed not to let go by telling the truth in power, regardless of the horned ox.

SOKAPU explained, “We are proud of his heritage and what he lived for. He was not only a world-renowned scholar, but a profound philosopher whose weekly columns in national newspapers attracted a large readership. He was a humanist concerned with the well-being of all citizens.

In response, Ms. Mailafia thanked the SOKAPU leadership and recalled how the union was so dearly loved and admired by her husband.

She advised the Union to be prayerful and strive to achieve its one dream which is anchored on unity in diversity and equality for all, regardless of any difference.

At Barr Shekarau’s home, the SOKAPU leader praised the virtues of the legal authority who was the chairman of the Abuja chapter of the NBA.

He noted that Barr Shekarau was a committed patriot and an advocate for the oppressed.

He said her footprints in the sand of defending the rights of children and women remain indelible, noting that where injustices against women and children are widespread, she has always been committed to rallying critical stakeholders for to confront them.

“Of course, we are sad that she left, but we take comfort in the fact that she has lived a beautiful life dedicated to good causes,” he observed.

Ms. Jemutu Katarma, National Coordinator of the Women’s Wing of SOKAPU, described the life of Dr. Mailafia and Barr Shekarau as a life well lived.

She said that given the roles they played in life, Almighty God was able to uplift hundreds of them to continue the works they left behind.

SOKAPU Youth Wing National Coordinator Mr. Isaac John said the young people of South Kaduna are inspired by Dr Mailafia and Barr Shekarau, adding that they will continue to take into account the hard-hitting lessons they left behind. for the future.

Those who were part of the delegation included Vice-President 1, Mr. Dio Awemi Maisamari; Financial Secretary, Mr. Tijjani Hassan Danladi; Treasurer, Ms. Mary Sheyin and the Assistant to the National Public Relations Officer, Teprick Emmanuel Nikyu, among others.

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