Shaked returns to Jewish Home Party

By Yisrael Price

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel, co-founder with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked of the now defunct Zionist Spirit party. (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

YERUSHALAYIM – Yamina party leader Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked on Tuesday ended speculation about her immediate political future, three days after the Zionist Spirit alliance imploded with Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel .

Shaked signed an agreement with the Jewish Home party for a “joint race” in the November elections, confirming reports that she was negotiating a return to the national-religious party where she began her political career.

Shaked and current Jewish Home leader Yossi Brodny have agreed to run their parties together under the Jewish Home banner, pending ratification by the party’s central committee. Approval is likely but not certain, as some would be against his reinstatement in the leadership.

Hendel and Shaked called off their short-lived partnership in a dispute over whether to consider joining a government under opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, should he win the election. Hendel was not against it under any circumstances.

On Monday, Shaked made his intentions explicit, saying, “I support a broad government, but I will probably recommend Netanyahu. I will recommend whoever has the most seats and whoever has the best chance of forming a government,” she said.

Brodny also told Army Radio, “We will recommend whoever leads the biggest right-wing party – it’s probably Binyamin Netanyahu,” although he also stipulated that “we are for a unity government” rather than for a restricted government of right-wing religious parties. by Netanyahu.

According to Army Radio, if the deal goes through, Shaked will top the electoral list while Brodny will step down at No. 2.

According to Channel 14, a United Jewish Home slate is around 2%, meaning the bankrupt Zionist mind is no more likely to cross the 3.25% electoral threshold for representation at the Knesset.

However, a source close to Brodny told The Times of Israel that his own polls indicate he could attract between 3.2% and 4.0% of the electorate. This would explain why Shaked opted for Jewish Home, where the chances of returning to the Knesset seem better than Zionist Spirit. Shaked helped Bennett relaunch Jewish Home in 2013. They both left in 2018 to form the New Right party ahead of the April 2019 election and failed to pass the electoral threshold.

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