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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel on Tuesday dedicated the “fiber optic connection” to Ma’alot-Tarshiha, in the north of the country.

“Today is a public holiday for the people of the region, the people of the Galilee as a whole and the outskirts,” Bennett said at the dedication ceremony, attended by the mayor of Ma’alot-Tarshiha Arkady Pomerantz, CEO of Bezeq David Mizrahi, Director General of the Ministry of Communications, Liran Avisar Ben-Horin and other officials.

“We are very interested in the outskirts,” Bennett continued. “It’s a national goal for us. The importance of connecting the periphery and the whole of the State of Israel with fiber optic cables for the economy is immense. This greatly increases the GDP, because everything is going to be faster and easier. More businesses and better education reduce highway congestion and air pollution, and encourage start-ups in all connected places. “

“As a former high tech CEO, I can tell you that the lack of internet infrastructure is simply preventing business creation, he added. “If it’s slow, I can’t start a business.”

Calling the event the day “historic,” said Hendel, “fiber-optic cables are the most important engine of economic growth currently prevalent in Israel. The labor market increased by 3%, the GNP by 1.1%… and the most important is the reduction of [socioeconomic] gaps.

“The internet based on fiber optic cables is like the spread of the National Water Carrier, the availability of electricity in every home and a phone for every worker,” said Hendel.

“In any other country, they would have told us that connecting the north was not economical and that ‘there is no profitability’. However, we have a perspective called Zionism. This connection is not just a connection of cables, but of values. This is our path, a plumb line, a fiber, the development of the center alongside that of the Galilee and the Negev ”, he added.

An increasing number of Israeli cities are connected to fiber-optic cables as part of the communications infrastructure reform put forward by the communications ministry over the past year, the prime minister’s office said in a statement.

According to the plan, which was approved as part of the reform, remote towns and communities in the north and south of the country will be connected to fast internet, the statement said.

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