Opinion: Lost generation of entrepreneurs

From the point of view of the American left, we should strive for the much more desirable system of socialism. You know, a type of socialism that never worked anywhere in the world. But the kind that only the left can oversee.

To achieve this, they espouse the virtues of socialism over capitalism. This tone of lazy economic ignorance and the lack of new entrepreneurs predict problems for our country.

Years of influence from Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, AOC, and the left-wing populist media have left today’s young people thinking that socialism is a utopia of wonderful things for which no one has to pay.

They believe that the great offers of socialism are free education, free health care and free housing. Yet they are not taught the clear lesson of history: the three great failures of socialism always end up being breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I hope this current generation can reverse this mindset. Statistics show that the percentage of adults under 30 who own a business is the lowest in 30 years. Today, less than 4% own a stake in a private company, up from 6.1% in 2010. More worryingly, the number was just below 11% in 1989.

The trend of losing a generation of entrepreneurs has profound implications for the growth of our economy.

We have raised children who are averse to risk and hard work. And more and more Americans want government jobs or a disability check. When they think of “free markets” they think they are free because the government pays for them – and should. Gumption is atrophying in a generation waiting for participation trophies and COVID home checks.

Maybe this generation was raised in bubble wrap. No bikes (certainly not without a helmet and shin guards), no dodge ball at school, no playing outside in the neighborhood, no drinking in the garden hoses, and no chatting with strangers. We are giving away ribbons for ninth place and everyone can play. Forty years ago we were making all-terrain motorcycles and bumper cars. The most popular rides today are Walmart’s motorized shopping carts.

If we have anything to fear it is that we are too afraid. The risk is good. Risk teaches lessons. Risk provides good things. Failure is necessary; it is a byproduct of risk and should not be ridiculed. What deserves the ridicule is not to try.

Obama and other liberals presuppose the evils of capitalism and capitalists to sell their statist / socialist program. But the facts are clear: Free market capitalism is a far more virtuous system than government and has done much more to improve the lot of mankind wherever it is allowed to prosper.

To see the abundance that our historic system of free enterprise has given us, compare the United States to the rest of the world. Travel to any third world country with a strong central government and stranglehold on business, and witness the poverty, crime and misery engendered in places like Venezuela, Korea of the North and Cuba.

Capitalism has failed to endow us with $ 30 trillion – and growing – in national debt, borrowed from future generations, to advance political agendas of destructive dependence and buy votes. Businesses hire people, help provide health insurance and other benefits, pay taxes, advertise, support local charities, and shape the character of a community. Find out who is sponsoring Little League teams in your city; they are the heroes of your city.

How, then, is government more moral than business? The government forcibly takes money from people who are productive and redistributes it to its allies. The government adds no value and produces no product.

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