Ooni of Ife confers chieftaincy to Gbajabiamila, Foli Coker and others on Alara’s first anniversary of enthronement


The Kingdom of Ilara in the Epe region of Lagos State was a hive of joyous activity on Thursday August 19, 2021, as His Imperial Eminence, Ooni of Ife and Adimula of Yorubaland, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, have installed eminent personalities with honorary chiefdom titles in commemoration of the first anniversary of the enthronement of the kingdom of Alara Ilara, HRM, Oba Olufolarin Olukayode Ogunsanwo, Telade IV.

The event, attended by people from all walks of life, was preceded by the launch of the Aje festival in Ilara-Epe by Oonirisa.

Ooni Ife, who was not physically present at the event which had all the attributes of the rich Yoruba culture, was ably represented by the Olugbon of Orile-Igbon and Vice-President, Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs, HRM, Oba Francis Olushola Alao.

Indeed, who’s who in the Southwest and beyond, including traditional rulers, business tycoons, political office holders and celebrities were on hand to witness the installation of prominent Nigerians, including the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Femi Gbajabiamila and wife as Agba Akin and Yeye Agba Akin, Mr. Folorunsho Folarin Coker as Baba Eto, and surveyor JK Olayemi as Asoju Oba of the kingdom.

Obviously delighted, Oba Olukayode Olufolarin Ogunsanwo, presenting the chiefs with their crowns, staff and certificates, urged them to continue to be good ambassadors of the kingdom and, by extension, all of Yorubaland.

The monarch, who pledged to continue doing his best for the community, said he would work hard to support the rich Yoruba culture and bring development to the kingdom in his time, adding that Ilara will soon be transformed with his project. favorite; “AGAPE” and urged everyone to join him.

The Oba then called on the townspeople and other stakeholders to rally around him to move the community forward and thanked the Ooni of Ife for his leadership role throughout Yorubaland over the years. .

For his part, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Mr. Folorunsho Folarin-Coker, better known as Folly Coker, succeeded his late father, Chef Nathaniel Folarin-Coker.

And as a 12th-century English poet and writer, William Langland rightly wrote: “Like Father Like Son: Every Good Tree Brings Good Fruit,” Folly Coker put himself in his late father’s shoes.

Indeed, Folly Coker took after his father, the late chef Nathaniel Folarin-Coker aka “Baba Eto” in the service of family, state, country and royalty. A real life of service. No wonder he is honored by society.

This is reflected in the attribution of the chiefdom title of “Baba Eto” of the Kingdom of Ilara to Folly Coker by HRM Oba Olufolarin Olukayode Ogunsanwo.

The installation event started on time and many prominent personalities were awarded chieftaincy titles during the ceremony.

A distinction was made, however, among the high dignitaries who were installed when the Alara of Ilara made Forunsho Coker the Baba Eto of the Kingdom of Ilara.

The socialite-philanthropist was installed around 3 p.m. in the presence of family members, friends, supporters and residents of the community.

When Folarin Coker was called to settle down in the presence of other traditional rulers from far and near, the entire hall, where the installation took place, erupted in jubilation with paparazzi and reporters rushing to take his pictures.

The man of the moment feasted on a beautiful traditional Yoruba (Aso Ofi) outfit with a dignified cap.

Folly Coker was the eye-catcher with all his friends, including senior government officials, big boys from all over Nigeria and beautiful women in society, who came to celebrate with him and his beautiful wife.

When Folarin Coker stepped onto the podium with his wife, the traditional ceremony immediately began with Alara extolling Folarin Coker’s virtues as a true son of Oodua and a man of the people, who ensures that everything is done in the order wherever it is.

Folly Coker was also announced as The Source’s Baba Eto by the Ooni Rep.

Meanwhile, during the ceremony, Folorunsho Folarin-Coker’s mother stood up and got permission from the monarch and expressed her gratitude to her son, saying he was very caring as he took good care of her. and other family members. At this point, Folarin-Coker became emotional and burst into tears of joy on the podium as he knelt for the installation.

The Alara then thanked Chef Folarin Coker’s mother for what she said and stressed that everyone is aware of her good deeds.

The Oba thanked Folarin Coker for taking care of his mother and other family members and said it was indeed a day of joy.

The installation continued as Alara led an Oba in Ijebuland, Ogun State, to decorate Folarin Coker with traditional beads and a chiefdom leaf (Akoko) and cap.

The whole place went into a celebratory frenzy as a multitude of friends began to gloat.

As Folarin Coker left the podium, he went straight to bow down for his mother in front of his friends, while musician, Ayo Ajekigbe of Faith Music sang his praises in the heavens.

Another enviable achievement of the new Baba Eto of the Kingdom of Ilara, Chief Folorunsho Folarin-Coker, is that he took after his father, the late Chief Nathaniel Folarin-Coker, as a public office holder.

As Folorunsho Folarin-Coker currently serves his homeland at the federal level, his father, Chief Nathaniel Folarin-Coker also had a solid career as a public officer.

Chief Nathaniel Folarin-Coker was Secretary of the Industrial Promotion Commission, Western Region, Ibadan from 1960 to 1961, Information Director, Western Region, Ibadan, 1961-1962, and Secretary, Civil Service Commission, Ibadan , 1962-1963.

Chief Folarin-Coker was also Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Information, Western Nigeria, Ibadan, 1963-1964, Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ibadan, November 1965 , and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Tourism, Lagos State, 1972-1975 and promoted to Administrative Officer, Main Staff Rank, Salary Group 3, April 1, 1972, among other positions he held in the service of his homeland.

For his part, Folorunsho Folarin-Coker was the personal assistant to a former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In 2003, he was again appointed Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Bola Tinubu.

After a year of working as a deputy chief of staff, he was given the additional responsibility of running a license plate production agency.

He continued to work at the Lagos State License Plate Production Agency for 10 long years and when he finally moved he became the General Manager.

In June 2014, he started working as Governor Fashola’s special adviser on Lagos central business districts.

He then worked as a Commissioner for Tourism and Culture in Lagos State in 2015.

As commissioner, he launched “One Lagos Fiesta” which is organized by the state government in the five divisions of the state every December to date.

As a sociable and valued individual across the country, in April 2017 President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Mr. Coker as the new Managing Director of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), where he turned the fortunes of the industry. tourist attraction of the country and has won laurel and medals for its Midas touch in the industry.


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