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Here we go again. The New York Times just published a long article on an Israeli war crime – the murder of an Iranian scientist in Iran last year – written by its Israeli security expert, Ronen Bergman. “The Scientist and the AI-Assisted Remote Control Killing Machine“, by Ronen Bergman and Farnaz Fassihi is filled with impressive details of the methods used by Israel to kill Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a senior Iranian nuclear scientist, while driving his car outside Tehran on November 27.

The murder was of course an act of war and was aimed at destroying the Iran deal for good in the final weeks of the Trump administration. The The European Union condemned the murder at the time: “This is a criminal act that goes against the principle of respect for human rights defended by the EU.

The Times The article hardly considers the criminal / immoral / politicized nature of the murder of a scientist and professor. It focuses on Israel’s incredible ingenuity, its remote triggering and facial recognition capabilities, and its smuggling into Iran of a Belgian machine gun. The sinister aspects of this endeavor are not examined, although many of these methods have surely been tested on Palestinians living under apartheid.

Bergman is the reporter who, in a closed-door meeting with the Israeli lobbying organization AIPAC three years ago, boasted of having appeared across the country with the group and thanked AIPAC for ‘have Israel’s back to the United States.

I have traveled the United States with AIPAC and it is always a great pleasure, as an Israeli. I always say to AIPAC, you do so much in the United States, and… you have to do a little more to explain to the Israelis how much they owe AIPAC. The Israelis don’t know. I am aware … I know you are protecting us. It’s such a great feeling.

It is surely a breach of ethics for a newspaper to highlight the writings of an Israeli journalist so close to the security establishment. Bergman reflected this official view in previous reports on Iran, and in a book that counted the ways in which Israel is killing its enemies in other countries.

By glorifying this murder, The Times is surely trying to please the right-wing Israel lobby (and liberal / establishment Jewish New Yorkers who support the “Jewish state”).

As Ali Abunimah underlines, coverage of this atrocity comes day and night due to outrage over Russia’s alleged targeting of its enemies on foreign lands.

It was, moreover, a crime with immense foreign policy implications for the United States that Trump lost earlier this month and it was a last chance for Netanyahu to poison the possibility of the United States returning. to the Iranian accord under Biden. Bergman and Fassihi cover this angle but quite low in the story.

When the questions every reasonable person asks are: why is Israel waging such brazen acts of war with the backing of the United States with who knows what consequences? And why is this The New York Times celebrate it?

h / t Scott Roth.

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