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October 7, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS

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Judge Khaled Kabub, a candidate for the High Court of Justice, is accused of meeting supporters of terrorism, participating in an event that supported terrorism and being honored during it.

The Supreme Court and Knesset buildings Photo by Hillel Maeir / TPS

Kabub, currently a Tel Aviv magistrate who could become the first judge of Israel’s Muslim High Court, is accused of having met Sheikh Akrama Sabri in August 2020. Sabri, head of the Muslim Supreme Council, is a former mufti of the Palestinian Authority, and has previously supported terrorism and suicide bombings and is linked to the terrorist organization Hamas. He has incited against the Jewish state on several occasions.

Kabub also met on the same occasion Yousef Muhamir, president of the illegal organization Morabiton, banned because of his affiliation with terrorism.

Kabub was honored at the meeting for his support for a campaign by Muslim organizations to prevent the destruction of Arab cemeteries. He received an award as part of the campaign.

Kabub claimed he was unaware of the two’s problematic past.

The Choosing Life Forum of Faithful Families on Tuesday sent a letter to Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar demanding that Kabub’s appointment be withdrawn.

“The people Kabub met have pledged in recent years to publicly encourage terrorists and have taken care to congratulate terrorists with blood on their hands as part of tribute events organized for them,” says the letter of complaint. .

“The thought that such a judge will serve in the High Court arouses deep repulsion and fear, and it is clear that such an appointment constitutes a grave rerejection of the core values ​​of the State of Israel and is contrary to common sense, ”the bereaved families said.

The letter further stated that the judge’s son, Walid Kabub, had expressed public support for the terrorist organization Hamas on social media during the IDF’s counterterrorism operation Guardian of the Walls in May.

Likewise, the rights organization B’Tsalmo sent a letter of complaint to the ombudsperson of judges, retired judge Uri Shoham. The letter states that “the code of ethics for judges stipulates that the judge must not participate in deeply controversial activities and certainly not with terrorist organizations”.

“The rules of ethics stipulate that the judge must be careful with whom he meets and be careful of what public opinion thinks of meetings with certain people. In addition, the judge’s participation in a public campaign is also prohibited, ”the letter noted.

The letter demanded that Kabub return the plack he received as a reward from organizations of supporters of terrorism and suspend it because of his participation in the conference of organizations.

Shai Glick, CEO of B’Tsalo, said on Wednesday that “we have not yet reached such a low level: a judge meeting with supporters of terrorism”.

“Is it normal for a judge to hang out with such people?” There is no doubt that if the judge had been found in the company of criminals he would have long been forced to leave his post, especially with terrorist elements, ”Glick said.

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