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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are preparing to make their first joint public appearance since welcoming Lilibet to the world. They retired from the spotlight in June to take a few months to reflect and spend time with their newborn, only occasionally breaking their silence to issue statements on world events. This weekend, however, they will join a crowded celebrity squad for a 24-hour global TV show in New York City as part of a Global Citizen event.

The organization hopes to draw attention to “unite, defend the planet and end poverty” by putting on a musical and artistic performance for thousands of revelers on the Great Lawn in Central Park in New York City.

Meghan and Harry appeared in a similar event earlier this year as part of a global campaign to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

It’s unclear when they’ll return to the UK and reunite with the Royal Family after their memorable spinoff saw them move to the US last year – after appearing in several TV interviews targeting the firm.

While many have suggested that the battle between Meghan and Harry and the Royal Family is far from over, analysis of the feud and conclusions about who was right or wrong abounded.

Louise Perry, a columnist for The New Statesman, entered the conversation earlier this year with an article titled “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Show Triumph of Bohemian Values ​​over Bourgeois Values”.

Meghan Markle: she and Prince Harry used ‘bohemian values’ against the royal family (Image: PA)

Global Citizen: the duo will return to the Global Citizen stage this weekend

Global Citizen: the duo will return to the Global Citizen stage this weekend (Image: GETTY)

She noted that the Sussexes “were performing in front of a young audience who were not interested in obedience to tradition.”

Ms Perry used author Niall Gooch’s description of the conflict between “sets of virtues which he describes as ‘bourgeois’ and ‘bohemian’.”

The former are named for their association with the bourgeoisie but are not limited to the middle classes – they include things like “stoicism, humility, hard work, punctuality, obedience, neatness and a sense of duty” .

Whereas “bohemian” values ​​make up things like “creativity, imagination, tolerance, openness, independence, sensitivity and (above all) authenticity”.

Ms Perry said that although very few people sit directly in either category, she said Meghan and Harry opposed the Queen was the perfect example of the bohemian beating the bourgeois.

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Prince Harry: him and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey shocked the world

Prince Harry: him and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey shocked the world (Image: GETTY)

She explained, “No person embodies bourgeois virtues better than our current queen, whose rather peculiar personality has proven to be well suited to her role,” referring to the portrayal of the monarch in the Netflix series, “The Crown. “.

She says, “How can the drab and reliable Queen compete with the glamor of her sister Margaret?” Or the liveliness of the patroness of bohemian virtues, Princess Diana?

The modern drama between the two sides has, according to Perry, reduced to a “much broader conflict between bourgeois and bohemian values, then inviting the public to choose sides.”

She said: “Do you perhaps prefer the Duchess of Cambridge? Of temperament, she is the true heir to the Queen: a woman who rarely speaks in public, who carefully selects uncontroversial charitable causes and who faithfully obeys the directive from the queen mother never to apologize, never explain .

“Or are you in favor of Markle? Who lived a very different kind of fairy tale, a more modern story tinged with identity politics, in which a valiant foreigner seizes the powers that be, suffers her challenge and ends by triumphing. “


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Royal visits: Meghan and Harry took a more relaxed approach to official meetings

Royal visits: Meghan and Harry took a more relaxed approach to official meetings (Image: GETTY)

Prince William: The brothers were briefly reunited when their mother's statue was unveiled in July

Prince William: The brothers were briefly reunited when their mother’s statue was unveiled in July (Image: GETTY)

Ultimately, she claimed there was a “telltale generational divide”, with “young Brits much more likely to express support for the Sussexes in their bohemian endeavor”.

Ms Perry concluded: “And that is exactly what we should expect, given the disappearance of bourgeois virtues observed during this queen’s lifetime.

“Humility and stoicism just can’t cut it in Hollywood, where authenticity reigns supreme.

“The Sussexes are playing in front of a young American audience that has no interest in obeying tradition, and their lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify suggest that this strategy has paid off.”

Others also commented that Meghan and Harry’s Netflix deal was the nail in the coffin of the feud saga.

The pair signed a deal with the streaming platform last year, valued at £ 109million.

Royal romance: The couple have been linked on a blind date by a mutual friend

Royal romance: The couple have been linked on a blind date by a mutual friend (Image: Newspapers Express)

Since then, speculation has revolved around whether Netflix bosses will be happy with the pace at which they move.

To date, Meghan and Harry have only announced two projects each: ‘Heart of Invictus’ and ‘Pearl’ – but Netflix bosses have said the couple are working hard on their creations.

Shortly after the deal was announced, Patricia Grisafi, a culture expert, praised Meghan and Harry in an NBC opinion piece titled “The Harry and Meghan Netflix Deal Proves Hollywood and America won the revolution “.

Like Ms. Perry, she championed the power Hollywood can have to guide real-world events.

Ms Grisafi wrote: “The couple are writing a new chapter in centuries-old American history of reinvention and self-determination by announcing that they are rejecting the British monarchy for the stuff of American dreams.

Jane Moore: she denounced the announcement of the agreement with Netflix

Jane Moore: she denounced the announcement of the agreement with Netflix (Image: GETTY)

“They decided they could have more power over their lives and more influence over everyone in Hollywood than they did in Buckingham Palace.”

When announcing their deal last year, many criticized what they saw as a fast-track to stardom and wealth.

Jane Moore, of Loose Women, said it “annoys me a lot” because “they got this deal because of who they are, not because of what they’ve proven they can do.” .

Others, however, were less critical.

Marlene Koenig, a royal expert, told she believed it was “big and important” for Meghan to focus particularly on empowering women for a young audience.

She said: “They are looking for projects that support what their work wants to be by supporting minorities and mental health, by telling stories that will be interesting.”

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