Letters to the editor for Saturday, October 30, 2021


Biden the master of disaster

So many negative comments today about Trump. Have you taken the time to read about Biden?

Our economy is in the toilet, prices on the rise, our southern border is a disaster created by Biden, our supply chain is in distress with no viable solution, Buttigieg is a laugh and is so incompetent to be Transport Secretary. Afghanistan was another disaster. Biden is the master of the disaster. Everything he does has a negative effect. Under Trump, we had a great economy, energy independence, and the country had a leadership. The world knew he was a strong president. “Uncle Joe” was supposed to unite the country, but instead he made it worse. As for Kamala Harris, our ghost vice president, she’s an empty ship, if you can find her, just like her boss. Trump was great compared to Biden.

Jack Robinson, Fort Myers

Masked docs communicate in the operating room

Florida’s new surgeon general has reportedly said he was unable to communicate clearly with the lower half of his face covered. This suggests a theme for an operating room skit on “Saturday Night Live”. Imagine a masked team gathered around the operating table trying to perform surgery but unable to communicate.

The mask we wear protects others in the room from viruses and bacteria that are still present in our mouth and nasal passages. Giving operating room staff the freedom to decide whether or not to wear a mask would be absurd. It is also absurd in the classroom and in the airplane cabin.

Joseph Sullivan, MD, Naples

Shocking TV commercial

Watching WINK news last night took my breath away. I heard and watched an advertisement that I never thought I would hear in this country. Not only did I hear it, but it was allowed on regular television.

It was an advertisement for Plantation Shutters For You. There was a ramp at the top with the words as they were spoken. Everything was fine until the last sentence: “If you support Joe Biden and are a liberal, don’t call us.” “

How is it going? How did the station allow this? What’s next, don’t call if you’re gay? Don’t call if you’re Jewish? Don’t call if you’re not white?

I don’t know how much the station will allow their advertisers to get off.

Jeri Heap, Fort Myers

The cartoon shows the hypocrisy of the media

Referring to the political cartoon calling Facebook divider, if it isn’t the profiteering media pot calling the Facebook divider kettle for profit, I don’t know what it is. This is once again the height of media hypocrisy.

David Liebenguth, Fort Myers

News doesn’t match anti-DeSantis narrative

It’s interesting to me that the latest CDC figures on COVID indicate that Florida has the lowest number of new cases per capita in the country. This is great news. Why is there no news on the front page of this newspaper? Oh yes, that doesn’t fit the newspaper’s account of the terrible work Governor DeSantis is doing.

Michael Graback, Bonita Springs

Fair share of taxes

A recent report from the Department of Justice shows that the treasury loses about $ 600 billion in federal tax revenue annually because some hide a portion of their revenue from taxes. Almost all (99.95%) of unreported income comes from income from investments in companies, stocks, bonds and other financial assets. Since the richest 20 percent of the rich own almost all financial assets, specifically 93 percent of financial assets, the rich hide some of their income to avoid paying all of the taxes they owe. In contrast, almost no income is hidden from wages and salaries and therefore salaried workers pay the full amount of taxes they owe.

Since the rich pay taxes only on a portion of their income, they do not pay the fair share of the taxes they have accepted.

Mukhtar Ali, Marco Island

DeSantis attracts unvaccinated people to declare

Governor DeSantis recently contacted other states whose police forces are mandated to take the COVID vaccine. He said he was prepared to offer up to $ 5,000 as an incentive to move to Florida where the vaccine is not mandatory. Seriously? So DeSantis says it’s okay if you aren’t vaccinated. We’ll take you anyway. And yes, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t vaccinated when you come to Florida because we don’t believe in vax at all. Hmmm?

So does DeSantis promote vaccines or promote anti-vaccines? The way I see it, he’s asking people from out of state to come to our state regardless of their immunized status and he really doesn’t care what happens from there. Excellent policy, don’t you think? What a leader we have at DeSantis – a sad situation for a leader in Florida. It saddens me to see the lack of leadership in times of health crisis and I hope we come out of it a bit unscathed, or maybe we are already hurt by the lack of leadership.

Beth Summer, Naples

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