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Misinformation about public services

Colorado Springs Utilities said the 175-megawatt Pike Solar Plant will generate enough power for 55,000 homes a year in The Gazette article titled “5,000 Acres in County Rezoned for Solar Panels.” In fact, the solar panel will not provide electricity to anyone when the sun is not shining at any time of the year.

When the solar panel generates electricity, CSU will have to take it and pay for it no matter what. Instead of focusing on delivering electricity to customers when they demand it, CSU invests in generation that a contractor will supply when unreliable supply becomes available. What could go wrong? How much will we still have to pay for electricity when we need it? Will we be able to get it?

Dick Standaert

colorado springs

Clarify GOP event details

Just to clarify the event mentioned in Tuesday’s Gazette (“El Paso County Republican Leaders Accused of Pushing Favorites”). The event was designed and organized by the jury of candidates. It was not an official Republican presentation. It was not a debate, but a forum. Any candidate or coalition can do it. Vickie Tonkins was invited to host the event. She has accepted. Tonkins has said three times that she doesn’t endorse the nominees on the panel.

No one is hiding or doing anything unethical or illegal. As for the two precinct chiefs who wish to remain anonymous if they have a legitimate beef, why not identify themselves?

Also, caucus material was not available to anyone at an early date – it was not selectively withheld.

Concerning the Faith, Education and Commerce (FEC) group. It is an organization that has an agenda, which is indicated by its name. Not a shadow PAC, they have chosen to focus their efforts in the Republican Party as the party that most closely reflects their beliefs. They are transparent and ethical. It is common for steering groups to focus on a given part. The very name of the Republican Party indicates its values, it means the rule of law. Democracy is majority rule, which sounds great, but a mob of lynchers is also majority rule.

It is right and proper that campaign materials be distributed in caucuses.

We did not receive any campaign materials from the party’s candidates until caucus night. The documentation package contained a lot of information for all applicants.

June Heimsoth

colorado springs

Thirty Years of Cold War 2.0

America wakes up from a dream. The dream was that once the Cold War was over and the West was victorious, its ideology and technologies would circulate globally. Congress and Bill Clinton were indifferent and Boris Yeltsin was a jerk.

Russia has gone from Marxist to mafioso, earning nothing but patronage from the West and encouraging the lucrative US military-industrial complex to supply and support NATO. It doesn’t pay to make NATO obsolete and dissolve.

What does Russia have to lose by merging with the most favorable Chinese and taking over the boring part of what used to be the USSR?

Russia’s goal: the repatriation of Ukrainian Russia, thus allowing better access to seaports and protection against the Western military-industrial complex, not to mention jeopardizing Joe Biden’s income.

These thirty years could be called The Cold War 2.0. Today the terms are open…we don’t need World War III.

The ideal: deNATO, denuke and make the world work, otherwise this global warming thing will be collateral.

Fred Stuart

Grand Junction

Get off the beaten track

Speaking as a proud libertarian, before we all bounce off the latest media charade, would it be too proactive to step back for a second, turn the tables, and look at Ukraine from the other side before coming across another proxy war?

NATO was created in 1949 to counter the Warsaw Pact which no longer exists. Russia is no longer the USSR, which Vladimir Putin now feels the need to rebuild.

Obviously Putin is overreacting, paranoid, delusional, etc., but failing to learn from history has been too often fatal to ignore.

Yes, we can help Ukraine defend itself, but so what? Russia is going nowhere and they will always be as paranoid (if not more!) with an armed front on their southern border.

Boycotts sound great, but do you really think China won’t take all the Russian oil it can get to help its new friends?

You know we’re going to get stuck with the bill one way or another despite everything Biden may claim. We always do!

If we’re thinking outside of the same cold war mentality that gets us into this latest mess, stop pushing Russia into a corner, focus on finding a way to assuage Putin’s fears/paranoia, give give Russia a way to save face (like disbanding NATO!), retreat with their egos intact, they will have no enemies to fight.

Swapping Turkish missile sites for Cuba-based nuclear warheads worked in 1962!

Think outside the box and compromise on something similar.

Gordon Carleton

West Pueblo

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