Kindergarten and LTA Kids Create Book to Encourage Good Behavior on Trains, Buses, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – During an MRT ride from Bishan to Sembawang, an injured flamingo enters the cabin of the train.

With a shimmer, the Stand-up Stacey mascot emerges from a sticker on the booth wall. She asks a lion immersed in his cell phone to give way and the wild cat obliges, apologizing for being carried away.

This magical storyline and others take place in a colorful book that the preschool kids at PCF Sparkletots created with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). It launched at LTA Headquarters on Friday (November 26) and can be picked up at any McDonald’s outlet with every purchase of a Happy Meal from December 18.

In the book, titled Max & Robbie’s Magical Train Ride, a young boy, Max, and his best friend, the raccoon Robbie, offer to deliver food to his grandparents, meeting animals on their way that need help. ‘a reminder from the Thoughtful Bunch mascots of the LTA. .

Stand-Up Stacey and other Move-In mascots Martin, Give-Way Glenda, Bag-Down Benny, and Hush-Hush Hannah appear creatively to guide koalas, giraffes, and the like into the right behavior.

The scenarios were designed by PCF Sparkletots students at Block 723 Nee Soon Central and put on paper by a salesperson.

The back cover of the book contains a game similar to Snakes and Ladders, where children can use a dice created from Thoughtful Bunch models to practice what they have learned. They can also make finger puppets and try to navigate a maze.

“A culture of graceful commuting will take time to develop,” Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng said at the launch, adding that it was “especially important” for people to cultivate these good virtues and habits. social from an early age.

“It is very important that we work with PCF Sparkletots preschoolers to find the story because a children’s story will relate better to the younger generation,” he said.

He added that this does not exclude adults from the process, who must continue to be role models for the younger ones.

LTA said it will run a contest on its social media for 10 entrants to win a physical copy of the book.

It can also be downloaded from the LTA website and borrowed from all public libraries from mid-December.

LTA’s campaign to promote benevolence in public transport began in 2009 and is in its 12th year. The Thoughtful Bunch was launched in 2014, and got a facelift last year by students from the Nanyang Fine Arts Academy.

Before the Covd-19 pandemic, around 7.6 million trips were made each day on trains and MRT buses.

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