JPS selection for a French-speaking school in Dubai



Jumeirah Bachelorette School is an open-minded, international school that teaches all international programs to students aged 3-18. Located in the heart of Dubai with stunning views of the Burj Khalifa, the school has magnificent facilities on a large, leafy campus, a calm and peaceful oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

Recognizing its effectiveness for the well-being of students and teachers, the Writing Education Association (ACE) awarded JPS the only school outside the UK to receive the Guidemark School award. In addition to educating its students, the school focuses on developing their characters and personality traits, thus preparing them to face their future challenges with confidence.

In recent years, JPS has developed an ambitious Francophone program at the service of a continuously growing Francophone community that seeks an international and quality education that not only allows its children to progress academically, but also to further deepen their knowledge of their own. language. . And their parent cultures in multiple cultural contexts.

A team of French mother tongue educators, experts and trained by an international organization, is responsible for implementing an ambitious French-speaking curriculum based on its content and the philosophy of the French national program. Methods of teaching the international baccalaureate. The balance between grammatical, literary and cultural aspects allows us to maintain and improve the linguistic level of our French mother tongue pupils and to deal with all cultural aspects linked to the countries of the Francophonie.

Students who join our French-speaking program allow open and international cultural exchanges from different French-speaking countries (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, Tunisia, etc.) in small groups of a maximum of 6 students on average.

Students should learn to appreciate the nature of language and literature, their many implications, their power and their beauty. They will be encouraged to recognize that this language proficiency is an indispensable communication tool in all communities. In addition, language and literature attract creative processes and promote the development of imagination and creativity through personal expression.

3 weeks of teaching in French in primary school

In elementary school, our French-speaking students receive three teaching sessions per week, during which the French language is a communication tool in the classroom in all areas: written, spoken and read, work and friendly situations and in most cases two teachers in the classroom in attendance. Additionally, in recent years, JBS Alliance has contracted with Franchise to offer weekly extracurricular classes in France (depending on the relaxation of rules linked to the COVID-19 outbreak, of course).

3 weeks of teaching in French language and literature in high school

In high school, the Intermediate Year Program (PPCS) comprehensively contributes to the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. French language and literature students receive 3 teaching sessions per week, during which the reading of classical and literary works from various French-speaking countries is the cornerstone of the critical analysis of texts and the development of thought. Critical thinking and communication skills. Once they have reached our graduation program, our French-speaking students can apply for a bilingual degree, which gives access to prestigious universities around the world.

While demonstrating academic rigor, the MYP Language and Literature course has communication skills and linguistic and analytical skills for students, which can also be used to develop intermediate comprehension in all other subject groups. By interacting with selected texts, students can discover moral, social, economic, political, cultural and environmental factors that contribute to the development of skills in concept formation, decision-making and ethical reasoning, as well as intellectual property. . Qualities of the learner.

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