I still expect my beautiful angel to walk through the door two years after her brutal murder, says Nadine Lott’s heartbroken mother

Nadine Lott’s heartbroken mom paid a moving tribute to her daughter, saying, “She will be in our hearts forever.”

And ahead of the second anniversary of her sadistic murder by ex-partner Daniel Murtagh, 34, Claire revealed that she still expects her second daughter to “walk through the front door.”


Claire Lott and daughter Phoebe paid tribute to Nadine at her home in Arklow, Co WicklowCredit: Padraig O’Reilly – The Sun Dublin
Nadine with her daughter Kya the day before Nadine's murder


Nadine with her daughter Kya the day before Nadine’s murder

She told The Irish Sun: “I still don’t feel like it was two years ago since I saw her – I still feel like she’s here. It almost feels like we’re still living in 2019. “

And mother-of-four Claire – who gave her powerful victim impact statement as her daughter’s evil killer sat a few feet away from her in Dublin’s Central Criminal Court – has confirmed that her family’s “sole focus” was to look after eight-year-old Nadine. Kya girl.

The brave little girl was only six when she saw her father – now called “the monster” – subject her mother to a sustained, barbaric and unprovoked attack at her home in Arklow, County Wicklow, December 13, 2019.

The tragic mother of one child, Nadine, lost her courageous fight for life four days later, surrounded by her family.

For the past two years, his name has been associated with the killer Murtagh due to his appalling actions.

But Nadine’s brave mom and younger sister Phoebe have now broken their silence to honor their “beautiful angel.”

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We have decided not to include the image of Murtagh as a sign of respect to Nadine.

In an exclusive interview with The Irish Sun, Claire revealed how Nadine misses “beyond words”.

She told us, “She wasn’t just my daughter, she was my best friend and we all love her so much.

“My life has continued to be exactly the same – I continue to work and live in the same house and I have Kya with me. None of this is new, but I still expect Nadine to come in and be there.

“If she had a problem, she would come see me. We’ve always been there for each other and I think about her every minute of every day.

“Our strength will always come from Nadine. She forms every conversation and we keep Nadine’s memory alive for Kya. “


The devastated mother also recounted her pain during the holidays.

Claire added: “We have to try to make Christmas in a few weeks’ time a happy occasion, even though we know something is missing – Kya’s mom is missing.

“She won’t have her mom for Christmas. Kya is also going to make her communion next year and we must also make it a happy occasion.

“We still have to make Christmas fun and exciting. She’s an eight year old girl and she must be an eight year old girl.

“We talk about Nadine every day. When we have conversations about different things with Kya and we say things like “your mom would love this”.

“She has pictures of her mom all over her room – her mom is all around us in the house.

“Nadine will always be with us. They are very similar – she has the fun side that Nadine had.


And she revealed how Nadine had ‘absolutely loved’ being a mom to Kya, adding, “Nadine was amazing being a mom. She went from being a girl who loved going out socializing to being very serious about being a mom. be a mom.

“From the start, she instilled great virtues in Kya and had strict rules when it came to food – green vegetables were very important, but she also knew that the rules would be broken when she dropped Kya off me.

“Nadine and Kya had so much fun together. They were dancing, singing, making toy videos and getting dressed. One of her last videos was when Kya put on her makeup and made her look really funny.

“Kya would then say to Nadine’s supporters: ‘it’s my mom’. We also remember Nadine telling us that she had “created” a genius.

“Kya was like her mom and we will never forget her.”

The tragic Nadine Lott


The tragic Nadine Lott
From L to R - Tanith Lott, Kyle Lott and Nadine Lott


From L to R – Tanith Lott, Kyle Lott and Nadine LottCredit: Padraig O’Reilly – The Sun Dublin
Nadine with her sister Phoebe and her brother Kyle


Nadine with her sister Phoebe and her brother KyleCredit: Padraig O’Reilly – The Sun Dublin
Nadine Lott’s mother Claire shares how her beloved daughter took care of her grieving grandfather

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