Grua / O’Connell Fellows Pursue Eclectic Research



The Grua / O’Connell Awards support the research of students supervised by professors in all disciplines.

Six students received Grua / O’Connell Research Awards this summer to study a range of topics representing the scope of the liberal arts. They study reporting on conflict, literature and evil, partisanship within the Federal Election Commission, access to health care for Brazilian women, the digital economy, activism and “white guilt” and mathematical measurements of vibrations.

Fellows are supported by an endowment fund established in 2007 by Peter Grua ’76 and Mary O’Connell ’76. While these particular college grants fund projects in any discipline, others, like the Coles Undergraduate Research Fellowship or the Watterson Summer Fellowship, fund research in specific areas.

Each year, the Student Grants Committee evaluates student proposals for allocating research funds. Cindy Stocks, director of the Office for Student Fellowships and Research, said that “tThe opportunity to design and carry out your own research project, and to do so under the close mentorship of a Bowdoin faculty member, is a tremendous learning experience. “

Scholarships can get students to co-write papers with a professor and help them compete for national scholarships and graduate schools.

“Former scholars recount the exhilaration they felt upon realizing that they could contribute to their field of study and the importance their mentor played in their academic and professional life long after graduation. summer stock market, ”Stocks said.

Below is a brief description of the Grua / O’Connell Laureates’ projects this summer.


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