Dzeko weighed more than Osimhen. The exception

from Mario Sconcerti

A nice little Italian match, with few interruptions, between two equivalent teams: Napoli faster, Inter more structured. A decent result that hurts both a bit but doesn’t interrupt anything

Napoli-Inter was a great match between two different and equivalent teams. Napoli have a chance to play with the speed that Inter lacks, Inter have a team structure that Napoli always lacks. If we had to attempt an extreme synthesis, I would say that Dzeko did more than Osimhen, he weighed more in substance. Osimhen recorded a lot, but almost always in a disjointed way. Lots of sparks, little fire. Dzeko did less but universally he played for everyone and for himself.

It was an unusual match, no fouls, no interruptions from the referee, Sanchez waited 7 minutes on the sidelines before coming on as there wasn’t even a lateral foul. A little Italian game that had two beats. The first half was quite dominated by Napoli, second to Inter. Calhanoglu and Barella were generally absent, uneasy with Fabian Ruiz and Lobotka. Brozovic was less lucid than usual as he worried about Zielinski’s technical speed. There was an unease of the two teams scattered between their different virtues, which prohibited the possibility of surpassing each other.

Inter finished dominating, but shot very little on goal. De Vrij suffered almost intellectually from Osimhen, but in the end he kept it. It was a match directed, rather than refereed, very well by Doveri, in which neither Napoli nor Inter could get past the top. They are otherwise level, but Inter are still between one and four points clear. So in the end it was a game that helps Milan come back. There was no dominant message on the pitch. Napoli attacked better and kept the counterattack in the second half. Inter in this sequence has often dominated but without finishing. The only tactical exception I saw was Dimarco’s position for long periods of the second half, very deep, almost central, often dangerous. One more man. The rest comes down to a decent result that hurts both of them a bit without interrupting any of their dialogue about the season.

February 13, 2022 (change February 13, 2022 | 07:45)

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