Chabad is the first Jewish virtual reality center

Bringing Judaism into the Metaverse: Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas, Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, and Alex gelbert launched, the first Jewish virtual reality center. Full story

The world of humans is expanding. Through 1s and 0s, IT developers are building a parallel world housed in the screens we wear: the metaverse. This is not a marginal reality for computer geeks; Facebook rebranded as Meta, Justin Bieber performed for thousands of people in a metaverse gig, and investors are spending millions on real estate in a virtual domain called Decentraland. The metaverse is real and is coming quickly, full of shops, museums, offices, social experiences, and events that you can witness as a video game-like avatar.

the Lubavitcher Rebbe taught that Gd reveals new technologies to humanity as opportunities to expand spirituality and connect Jews around the world. In these footsteps, three friends bring Judaism into the metaverse. Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas, Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, and Alex gelbert launched and the MANA Jewish Center, located in the metaverse world called Decentraland.

Now Jews around the world who for various reasons, including a global pandemic, cannot or prefer not to attend in-person events can form friendships, study Torah, and attend events in a virtual Jewish community. . “The reason is simple, says Rabbi Wilhelm of Boulder, Colorado, “where there are people, there is Chabad”.

Alex, a tech enthusiast and owner of digital advertising agency Let There Be, says, “Jewish culture, history, art, learning and community now have another home. If you build a physical Jewish center in Denver, you reach people within a 20 mile radius. We are building in cyberspace and anyone with an internet connection can participate.

“Decentraland advertises Get Lost in an Amazing, Changing World,” says Rabbi Nachlas of Toronto. “We believe that a Jewish center in the Metaverse – much like a physical center in your hometown – is a place you can find yourself. We look forward to welcoming all of the bold and pioneering Jewish organizations to join us as we develop virtual reality Jewish experiences. “

The construction of the MANA Jewish Center will soon “clear up”. Current plans include a hub for community events, socializing, studying, shopping, and more. To visit the MANA Jewish Center, head to Decentraland ( and walk or teleport to coordinates “-57, -136”.

As in the physical world, the Metaverse has an economy and it costs money to build. Consider helping to grow Judaism in the Metaverse. All donations made in cryptocurrency or old-fashioned land dollars are tax deductible.

For a list of early signing opportunities or to learn more about this project, please visit:

For more information, contact:
Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas – 905.889.7582

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