CG Darboe inspires young Gambian writers

While thanking the author at a launch ceremony Friday at the Ebunjan Theater in Kanifing, CG Darboe praised the author for the recognition of the GRA’s revenue generation efforts.

CG Darboe challenged young people to embrace a culture of reading, innovation, creativity and respect for the time that would go a long way in enhancing their career.

He pledged to buy two hundred copies for his old school, Gambia Senior Secondary and GRA.

Commissioner General Darboe made this commitment while speaking his words of wisdom at the launch.

Further speaking as a guest of honor, Commissioner General GRA Yankuba Darboe spoke about the significance of the occasion, saying the book’s dedication to the GRA is in recognition of the central role that the GRA plays. in the mobilization of income necessary for national development.

CG Darboe, on behalf of the GRA, thanked the author for dedicating the book to the GRA, saying “maybe this is a good place to start”.

He said this is important because it would give GRA the opportunity to appreciate why the author ventured into writing a book on literacy and reading and why “personally I think ‘there wouldn’t have been someone more qualified to write such an award-winning book. . “

Darboe commended the author for his vision and efforts to document what he saw as a very comprehensive account of the operations of the regulatory weakness at the top of the Gambian Literacy Society. This, he said, is a particularly important development as the book would certainly fill the current lack of public understanding of the role of parents in contributing to the literacy market in The Gambian economy.

The GRA boss said that as African writers continue to grow as the main provider of investment funds for national recognition, “the need to educate the public on the value of books becomes very important and this momentum must be continued “.

According to CG Darboe, in the context of the phenomenal growth of Gambian literature, there is a very urgent need to develop the capacities and ethical standards of market practitioners in order to meet international standards.

CG Darboe congratulated the author on this initiative and also took the opportunity to recommend “Don’t judge the book by the cover” for the general public, especially for students and teachers of literature.

According to CG Darboe, writing a book takes strength and patience to sit for long hours to express thoughts in the correct order. “Your diction has to be good, and you have to make substantial sacrifices and maybe have sleepless nights to come out with something meaningful. “

“Last but not least; you must have the ability to tolerate criticism.

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