Boebert touts anti-vaccine mandate and pro-gun priorities as re-election campaign emerges

United States Representative Lauren Boebert held a tightly-controlled New Years Day press conference in the Community Hall of the Home Loan State Bank in downtown Grand Junction, where she announced her intention to be re-elect in 2022.

She said she ran for Congress two years ago because she didn’t want her four sons “to be brought up in a socialist country.”

“The far left is sending a wrecking ball to our nation,” she said. “I promised to fight for our freedom.”


Boebert spoke about what she saw as her accomplishments during her tenure, including the introduction of 24 bills, none of which were passed. She hopes Republicans will return to the House in 2022, allowing more legislative success for Republicans like her.

She spoke out against government mandates and said she would continue to “stand up for the right to defend ourselves with a gun.” Boebert owns Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle where waiters openly carry guns.

Boebert said the Liberals have shown their policies don’t work, citing vaccination warrants, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and President Joe Biden’s inability to “stop the virus.”

Boebert will face at least one challenger in the Republican primary – Marina Zimmerman, of Durango, has announced she will run. State Senator Don Coram, a Republican from Montrose, is also considering a race against Boebert.

MP for Silt said she plans to stop the “southern invasion” at the border.

“Opening the borders is a huge problem,” she said. “We must build the wall and stop the illegal invasion.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert holds a year-end press conference at the Home Loan State Bank Community Hall in Grand Junction on December 31, 2021. (McKenzie Lange / The Daily Sentinel)

Boebert explained how she worked to bar “illegal immigrants” from receiving checks for $ 450,000 – financial compensation was offered for families separated from their children at the border under the Trump administration. Biden’s Justice Department has ended negotiations for a settlement for the thousands of affected families.

She explained how she first voted against the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes annual appropriations for the defense ministry’s military activities and programs.

“This year was full of awakened left wing nonsense that I couldn’t vote for,” she said.

“It’s a risk for me, but this year was loaded with too much liberalism,” including provisions that would add protections for public lands.

Boebert ended up voting for a revised version of the NDAA after many environmental provisions were removed from the defense package, including public land and wilderness bills, such as Colorado Outdoor Recreation. and Economy – or CORE – Act.

Asked about her stance on vaccination in light of a potential increase in COVID-19 outbreaks, she declined to answer if she or her family were vaccinated.

“I support freedom and I maintain the confidentiality of personal health information,” she said.

Conspiracy theories

Regarding his interactions with the Congress select committee To investigate the Jan.6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Boebert said an ethics committee decided in June not to investigate his own alleged actions surrounding the events of that day.

Boebert was one of 21 House Republicans who voted against a resolution awarding Congressional gold medals to the Capitol Police who defended the Capitol from rioters.

Boebert laughed at the words “insurgent attacks,” used by another reporter, when asked what the Republicans’ responsibility was for hushing up the conspiracy theories that fueled the people who attacked the Capitol. The MP returned the question to the reporter, saying, “What about the Democratic conspiracy theories” about how the Russians worked to influence the US election?

Boebert claimed Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delegitimized the Jan.6 committee when she removed GOP representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from the panel. However, two Republicans – Representatives Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger remain on the committee.

In December, Jewish and Muslim groups lodged a formal ethics complaint against Boebert for his offensive remarks against Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar.

“Democrats call everything racist. They are calling the parents of national terrorists for attending school board meetings, ”Boebert said.

For security reasons, school security staff in Mesa County District 51 escorted school board members out of a controversial school board meeting in 2021. In fact, members of school boards across the country reported having suffered personal threats due to controversial masking policies and other burning issues.

Prior to the start of the press conference, a Newsline reporter was initially denied access to the event because she did not have “press accreditation.” A man named “Alex”, who declined to give his last name or title, relented and allowed the reporter in after viewing a story online with his signature.

However, not all of those present had any media references. Another man, who declined to give his name, said he had been asked by the campaign to “keep an eye out, to be available”. When asked why he had to be available, he replied “end of discussion”.

Ricki Howie protests outside the Home Loan State Bank building in Grand Junction, where Rep. Lauren Boebert announced her re-election campaign at an event on December 31, 2021. (Sharon Sullivan for Colorado Newsline)

Outside the event, amid the flurries, a lone protester named Ricki Howie was standing, holding a sign with the word “traitor” written on it. The word refers to Howie’s claim that Boebert was involved in the January 6 uprising.

“I found out (this morning) that she was going to be here,” Howie said. “She never announces when she is going to appear. So I thought I would be here and let him know what I thought.

Howie added, “She’s a traitor (of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District). All she does is shout “freedom” and carry a gun. How does this help us? “

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