Best food subscription giveaways for 2021


A subscription to delicious food or alcoholic drinks can be the perfect gift. When you sign someone up for a dining club, they’ll receive a pleasant (and probably delicious) surprise delivery every month. A small bite or a small glass to brighten up their day. Whenever this packet shows up with a mysterious dark chocolate bar, a packet of fragrant spices, or a bottle of regional hot sauce, they’ll be thinking of you.

See? This is serious gold.

If you want to give someone a little monthly yum on this holiday, your options for amazing food and drink subscriptions are plentiful. Most of these monthly food clubs and edible subscriptions make great giveaways, but find the better a monthly food club to gift your friends, family or coworkers takes a little sleuthing.

From savory snack bags filled with goodies from far away places to algorithm-guided wine tastings, boxes of fine chocolate or cheese, these boxes of excellent edibles (and drinks) will be delivered regularly for as long as you will choose to keep them coming.

These are the best (yes, I’ve tested them all) food and drink subscriptions to give someone that party.

Golden belly

If you’re too busy to plan a road trip across the country to munch on all of this land’s best food. has to offer, Goldbelly has a back-up plan and you’ll be spending a lot less on gas. This is the Best of Goldbelly membership and it includes three months of monthly boxes curated with truly legendary dishes from places like New York’s Magnolia Bakery or the famous Russ & Daughters delicatessen.

Each delivery is different and cannot be changed, but it’s really fun and Goldbelly does a great job of making sure everything is packed securely. Three months of the Best of Goldbelly cost $ 229.

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Spices are the backbone of any good food I have ever had. As someone who cooks often but doesn’t have much access to fresh spices, I can say that I would love this gift.

Raw Spice Bar sends 2 ounces of a spice or spice blend like Indian garam masala or Japanese furikake. Plus, you get chef-tested recipes to cook with everyone, all for under $ 10 a month. The best part is that the spices are freshly ground – unlike anything you get at the supermarket. And believe me, they will know the difference.

Murray cheese

The varieties of cheese are endless, which makes the cult food an ideal candidate for the subscription. New York’s iconic cheese factory, Murray’s, has several subscription options if you want to give someone ridiculously good cheddars, bries, and manchegos every month.

While we’re not talking about budget cheese here, you can prepay for three months of cheese deliveries for a total of $ 175. Each expedition will include three to four cheeses selected by Murray’s masters. I have personally tested Murray’s subscription melty products and can confirm that this is a category A food club to join.

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The Bokksu brings together some of Japan’s best snacks and compiles them into a tasting box that runs monthly or once a month. I have both given and received a Bokksu and it is always a success.

Inside the incomparable orange boxes, you’ll find dishes like seaweed tempura, lime green tea cakes, and Japanese sweets like yuzu candy and strawberry matcha Kit-Kats. Additionally, Bokksu includes informative literature explaining a little bit about each, including historical and cultural significance.

Bokksu boxes start at $ 40 per month for subscriptions and $ 50 for a one-time shipment.

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This Vinebox wine subscription (starting at $ 158) is the best way to add variety to someone’s grape varieties without committing to full bottles. The selections are cleverly distributed in the form of glass-sized samples from the world’s leading producers and styles.

Wine may appear to be the gift of withdrawal with a reputation, perhaps legitimate, of impersonality. Winc, like some of the other wine clubs, hopes to change that by diving deep into your palate and making ordering wine by mail an engaging experience. If you think there’s someone on your list who would like to learn more about wine or their own preferences – strange as it sounds – a Winc membership is a great place to start. The company starts with a profile and palate analysis, then sends you the wines they think you’ll like. Each time you rate them, shipments from various producers start to match your taste better.

Monthly Winc subscriptions start at an affordable price of $ 39 (plus $ 9 shipping) for three bottles per month. You can buy a gift card for as few or as many months as you want to bequeath, or just send a one-time shipment of wine. Who doesn’t like it?

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Fuego box

Hot sauce lovers are very serious about this and Fuego Box makes a perfect gift for anyone who is a bit heated. Fuego Box hot sauce subscriptions start at $ 18 per month, although $ 30 per month for three bottles is a much better deal.

There are also many unique gift sets like this one with hot honey, hot peach habanero sauce and spicy garlic seasoning. In addition, Fuego Box is a small business that supports other small businesses, so you can feel good about it.

Bar & Cocoa

Chocolate is about as safe as it gets, making it a great gift for someone you don’t know what to buy – or a known chocolate lover, of course. The Bar & Cocoa Chocolate Club will be sending out some of the best bars in the business (four full bars per month, to be exact) and we’re not talking about mass-produced Hershey here either. Some of the major chocolate producers include Amano, Chocolate Madagascar, and A. Morin. All are ethical, sustainable and eco-conservative. Like I said – the good stuff.

A three month membership starts at $ 129 total, but you can go for a six or 12 month period and any one of them can be canceled at any time.

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The best thing about Mouth is the seemingly endless options for gift boxes, basket subscriptions, and more. I would venture to assume that even if you’re not sure what gift you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in the sprawling online market for quality food. Mouth offers monthly subscriptions for everything from pickles and cocktails, jerky and general snacks. You can also browse the freebies, where there are even more options like a Backyard Bonfire Bites box or a Bloody Mary cocktail kit.

Butcher’s shop

For a carnivorous foodie, a box of premium meats is never a bad decision and your gift options abound in 2021. We have tried ButcherBox many times and it has established itself as the best service to deliver a box of. meat or a subscription for the grill girl in your life.

Other online butchers specialize in niche beef, like KC Cattle Co.’s 100% American wagyu stock. Another newcomer, Porter Road, has some cool cuts and holiday bundles, while the former Rastelli’s will allow you to prepare a box of meat. and seafood to send. Check out our favorite online butchers for that meaty little something to gift your favorite carnivore.

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