Anti-Semitic language used at Friday special committee condemned by Kansas officials



TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Anti-Semitic language used on a special committee Friday was condemned by Kansas Democrats.

In friday Special Committee on Government Overbreadth and Impact of COVID-19 Mandates, the Kansas Democratic Party says anti-Semitic rhetoric was used in a discussion of vaccinations.

“As a person of Jewish faith, I condemn the statements made yesterday comparing the wearing of masks to the marking of Jews during Nazi-occupied Germany. It was a classic definition of anti-Semitic discourse. While it may have been done for the purpose of bringing people together, it had the opposite effect: alienating and insulting those who heard it, including me. Rhetoric of this nature is not necessary, ”said Representative Dan Osman.

House Democrats have said they do not tolerate hateful language in policy making or in broader communities under any circumstances.

“More education is needed so that those who use this language understand the history of anti-Semitism and why the statements are both inaccurate and hurtful. Me and others would be happy to have this conversation with anyone looking to educate themselves. “

The KDP has said the pain of the Holocaust, and the pain that continues in the Jewish community, should never be used as an abstract symbol of partisan political beliefs.

13 NEWS has contacted Kansas GOP representatives and awaits a statement.

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